Description and purpose

We are a place of collaboration of experts working in the area of psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychology. We honour the inner psychological resources, uniqueness of each human being, as well as their privacy and dignity. We have had more than 20 years of experience in private psychotherapy, psychiatry and counselling. Historically, we were the first psychotherapy practice of its kind in Slovakia. Due to the gradual development and in response to dynamic changes in the system of mental health care provision, we currently provide counselling services that go beyond the range of providing health care and services covered by public funds.

We specialize in specialist counselling *, consultation *, supervision * and private mental health care. The specialist mental health care is provided by a psychiatrist or a psychologist, who will help you assess your situation and/or your health issues..

Services provided

Specialist consultation addressing your queries about various personal and life situations, relationships, feelings, physiological manifestations, psychology, psychological or psychosomatic issues, but also about psychotherapy and psychiatry. Understandable explanation of a psychological issue or mental disorder symptoms; consideration and analysis of possible psychological or other medical causes. Clarification of available treatment and competence of a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Clear description of what psychotherapy, psychiatric medication treatment or life style changes consists of. *

Long-term collaboration and specialist counselling – regular, usually once a week, 45 minute sessions. Depending on the type of issue and focus on the extent of change desired, the length of cooperation spans between minimum of several months and up to several years. The cooperation is usually shorter when the issue is clearly specified and it tends to be longer when people focus on a broader change of long-term patterns of functioning, on personal develop-ment or a deeper personality change. *

Indicative group

Life, personal and relational situations, self-knowledge and psychological understanding of oneself, relationships, mental health, psychological and physiological manifestations, psychological issues, psychiatric disorders and health issues.

Form and availability of services

Leave a message on the answering machine 02 5443 0395 or via e-mail and we will contact you. We will discuss your query together or arrange an appointment.

* Specialist counselling and consultations are provided beyond health care provision range as stipulated in Act no. 576/2004.

Health care provision is not conducted in cooperation with health insurance companies. Clients and patients themselves cover the services we provide.

Undesirable effects

It is important to point out that a session or an appointment with a physician or a psychologist, as well as a specialist consultation procedure can cause changes of both mental and physical condition. We, therefore, kindly ask you to thoroughly consider the possible consequences, which are specific and unique for each person.

We particularly emphasise the risk of inadequate expectations we always try to minimize via the initial telephone conversation before arranging an appointment. We strongly recommend arranging an appointment only when it is an expression of your free choice and your will to invest into self-care, your personal development, change of your lifestyle, psychological hy-giene and mental health.


Long-term causes of various issues or chronic problems usually do not change instantly.

In case of significant medical disorders, long-term treatment and subsequent health care is commonly needed.


The usual duration of the first session is up to 90 minutes. Consultations of a clearly defined query or the subsequent care usually take shorter (from 15 to 60 minutes) and many inquiries can be consulted via a telephone consultation. The frequency of sessions and consultations is arranged based on mutual agreement.

The psychotherapy and specialist psychiatry outpatient clinic’s founder and clinical director is:

MUDr. Ján Ballx

2012 2012 completed training in psychotherapy supervision with IVGT Prague
2007 2007 received European attestation in psychiatry
2003 2003 passed the examination in accordance with the European Association for Psychotherapy criteria
2002 2002 received attestation in general adult psychiatry in Bratislava

He graduated in May 1998 from the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno in general medicine.

Ján has worked as a doctor, a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist for several state funded and private facilities: in Nitra (1998-2006), in London (2005-2009), in Bratislava (2006- present time).

He is the founder and clinical director of in Slovakia the historically first private outpatient mental health clinic specialised in psychotherapy.

Ján is a regular member of the Slovak Medical Chamber, the Slovak Association for Psychotherapy and the European Association for Gestalt Therapy. He actively participates in the events of the international psychotherapy community as certified psychotherapist and psychotherapy supervisor. He is active in research in the field of psychiatry, in arts, teaching and popular publishing on mental health.

Thanks to colleagues:

MUDr. Ján Ballx

psychiatrist and psychotherapist

( 2008 - present time )

MUDr. René Pospíšil


( 2011 - 2021 )

PhDr. Roman Oros

psychologist and psychotherapist

( 2013 - 2019 )

MUDr. Genovéva Almássyová

psychiatrist and psychotherapist

( 2011 - 2017 )

PhDr. Helena Franke, PhD.


and family therapist

( 2012 - 2013 )

PhDr. Anna Nagajová

psychologist and psychotherapist

( 2008 - 2012 )

Mgr. Katarína Vítková

psychologist and psychotherapist

( 2011 - 2013 )

PhDr. Miroslava Zimányiová

psychologist and psychotherapist

( 2010 - 2011 )

Mag. Phil. Viera Lichtnerová


( 2009 - 2010 )

Mgr. Roland Cagáň

psychologist and psychotherapist

( 2008 )

You can contact us yourself, no recommendation is needed. Send us an e-mail with your phone number or call us and leave a message on the answering machine.

We will call you back and will hold a preliminary consultation with you about how we could help you. We can also arrange an appointment with you

If you then choose subsequent health care, we can arrange further care also this way

The first appointment with one of our psychotherapists, psychiatrists or psychologists usually takes up to 90 minutes

The first appointment with one of our psychotherapists, psychiatrists or psychologists usually takes up to 90 minutes

If you then choose subsequent health care, we can arrange further care also this way

If necessary, a physician will assess your case in detail and will prepare a written report or a medical finding, which is a summary of the existing clinical findings and a recommendation for appropriate further procedure

Apart from other recommended procedures, many people decide to continue receiving regular care, specialist consultations or psychotherapy, which lies in regular and systematic sessions based on a confidential therapeutic relationship

Our experience shows that the best results are achieved when the psychiatrist and the psycho-therapist work closely, but separately together (i.e. the patient is in the care of two specialists at the same time). We consider psychotherapy treatment combined with a regular clinical monitoring and rational pharmacotherapy the most effective and the same is confirmed by clinically verified practice and evidence-based medicine. **


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